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is not your typical lawyer...

My Story

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I help online entrepreneurs get their legal protection in place quickly, easily, and affordably.” BUT I’M ALWAYS TEMPTED TO SAY…

My Story

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I help online entrepreneurs get their legal protection in place quickly, easily, and affordably.” BUT I’M ALWAYS TEMPTED TO SAY…

“I help online entrepreneurs make sure the shit doesn’t hit the fan!”


I collect funny stories, find ways to make fun of lawyers, use wacky photos, and write emails littered with “dad jokes” and pop-culture references… because being cheeky might just make entrepreneurs pay attention. And once I’ve got you, I’ll sneak in a legal lesson or two and give you lots of freebies to help you on your journey.

I’m Bobby Klinck — and as you’ve probably figured out by now, helping entrepreneurs with the “legal stuff” without taking myself TOO seriously is what I’m all about.

Entrepreneurs generally come to me in one of three situations…

If you’re one of the lucky few, you’re coming to me when you’re first getting started. No shit on the fan blades… and you haven’t been soured by trying to deal with a boring + expensive lawyer! Together, we’ll create a solid legal foundation for your business, and I’ll do my best to give lawyers a much better name than they deserve!

But maybe you’ve already tried other legal solutions and have a migraine from listening to (or paying!) a typical lawyer. Working with me will be be a bit different (almost like taking a couple of Excedrin Migraine for that headache!). We’ll get you all squared away, and maybe I’ll restore your faith in humanity along the way.

Hopefully this isn’t you… but some entrepreneurs come to me after the shit has hit the fan! If that’s you, we’ll do our best to put a positive spin on things (“It wasn’t a mistake. It was a lesson!”). But more importantly, we’ll get you all set up to avoid repeating that painful lesson.

If funny stories, “dad jokes,” and pop-culture references don’t convince you…

I’m led to believe that some people are interested in the more “traditional” stuff about me (rather than the fun). For the life of me, I don’t understand why my pop-culture references aren’t enough to convince you… but if you’re into more traditional credentials, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Graduated with honors from Harvard Law School (yes, “the” Harvard) in 2002
  • Worked for a Federal Court of Appeals judge after law school (a sought-after position)
  • Worked for premier law firms, representing Fortune 50 clients.
  • Was mentored by a lawyer named Neil… now we call him “Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch”
  • Worked for the Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney
  • Worked at entrepreneurial law firms since 2010
  • Had my own law firm since 2014

We good now? Thought so!

I’m not a newbie… and I’m not doing this whole online marketing thing because it was my only option. I’ve been around for a while and have credentials that stack up with the best in the business.

I choose to be an online entrepreneur because it gives me a way to serve more people and to help as many people as possible keep the shit out of the fan.

That’s the scoop on my professional life… now for some fun!


I was THIS close to starting a beer company a few years back!

I love good beer and brew it myself. A couple of years ago, some friends and I almost started a brewing company… but then our day jobs got in the way. But I still brew beer for fun.

My German heritage comes out in my beer brewing...

My great-great-grandfather was a beer brewer who had emigrated from Germany (or so the story goes). I brew and enjoy beer I’m sure he’d be proud of… balanced all-day beers. Keep those Double Imperial Stouts and West Coast IPAs to yourself.

I truly believe that sometimes only a cuss word will do!

You may have noticed I use “shit” and “damn” on this website. That’s how I talk in real life, so that’s how I write. You cool with that? If not, we should probably part ways now… cause you’re not going to like my emails all that much.

I played in a punk rock band in college... and had a long, dyed ponytail.

I’ve never really been a conformist, which probably explains a lot about me. That’s why I chafed working a big law firms and why I LOVE being an entrepreneur!

I truly believe there's a Jerry Maguire quote for every situation!

I love pop-culture references… and Jerry Maguire is my go-to for quotes. When it’s bed time, I still say to my wife: “My mom’s coming, I gotta go to bed.” 

I won the Texas high school debate championship my senior year.

That may give you some hint of why I first wanted to be a lawyer. Funny story… I wore a t-shirt to the ceremony where I got the trophy (I told you I was never really a conformist!). 

My wife chose me over professional hockey players...

When we were vacationing with friends in Miami about a decade ago, we ended up hanging out with a bunch of the Washington Capitals (our local NHL team). A player who shall remain nameless kept trying to get my wife (girlfriend at the time) to ditch me for him. Didn’t happen, and now we’re happily married.

Speaking of my wife, Hurricane Sandy crashed our wedding in The Bahamas.

Yeah you read that right. Nuff said! 

I'm originally from deep South Texas (like border town south).

That means I love good Tex-Mex, BBQ, and University of Texas football. It also means I can cuss you out in two languages!  

I'm living proof you can pivot to build the business and life you love.

I gave up cushy jobs at safe law firms and pursued a completely different kind of law more than a decade after becoming a lawyer because it was where I found my passion. You can make the same choice. Find your passion. Find your calling. Find your people. And then work your ass off to be good at using your passion and your calling to serve your people! 

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