Ep 007: Creating and Executing Social Media Strategies that Attract Your Dream Clients with Ashley Mason

It can be really difficult to get your name out there and find the right clients in an organic way. On this episode we have Ashley Mason in the house who is a social media expert strategist and consultant. She has some great strategies and advice to share with us about how to build a truly impactful social media strategy that engages and draws in the type of clients you need.

Ashley lays out a few specific tips for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that will help you target the right people and be more authentic and valuable to people. She also shares some great ways to begin your goal planning, engage people more through video and what types of content will work for different types of businesses. Ashley emphasizes the importance of creating habits of engagement and providing consistent work that shows off your dedication and credibility.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Ashley’s journey to online entrepreneurship is different than most.
  • What roles social media should be playing for your online business.
  • How to judge the effectiveness of your social media strategy.
  • Setting reasonable and measurable goals for your social media accounts.
  • How focusing on numbers can lead you to getting less valuable followers who don’t engage.
  • Why you shouldn’t be inviting friends and family to ‘like’ your page.
  • First steps to take when developing a comprehensive social media strategy.
  • Deciding on the appropriate frequency of your posts and what to post.
  • How to build credibility and trust for your business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Really focus on making sure that people are engaging with it and interested in what you have to say, rather than if you’re getting all those huge amount of followers because it’s the human interaction that is the most important. -… Click To Tweet Just do the work, and if you do the work, good things will follow. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet One thing that I highly recommend to people, which tends to kind-of work in any industry that’s service based, is answering common questions that your target market has. - @dashofsocial Click To Tweet

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