Ep 009: Creating an Authentic Brand Through Storytelling with Michelle Knight

What does it take to create a powerful brand? It’s something every entrepreneur should understand, and yet actually doing it can seem like one of the most challenging parts of starting a business. Our guest expert today is here to share key steps to figuring out your brand, and more importantly, your brand story.

The founder of Brandmerry.com, Michelle Knight is a branding and business coach who helps her clients tap into their stories to create standout brands. Also a mother, wife, world traveler, and storyteller, Michelle works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction, helping them to reach time, financial, and location freedom. Listen in to hear her advice on building an authentic brand that resonates with your ideal audience.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What entrepreneurs should make a top priority from the beginning.
  • Key steps for crafting your brand and your brand story.
  • Tips for deciding how much of your personal story to include in your branding.
  • A major issue entrepreneurs face.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who have small children.
  • The legal advantages of creating a brand using just your name.
  • How to protect your brand and business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

When I started my business, I lost myself and what I set out to do because I was constantly looking at what everyone else was doing around me. - Michelle Knight Click To Tweet Ask yourself 'why should my audience care?' If you can’t answer that question about what you’re sharing, then you’re just sharing to share. - Michelle Knight Click To Tweet Authentically showing up and sharing pieces of your story that resonate with your audience—that’s what really builds the trust. - Michelle Knight Click To Tweet

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