Ep 011: Tips for Creating Effective Systems and Processes in Your Business with Kate Erickson

Are you making the most of your time at work? It’s an area that many entrepreneurs could improve on (myself included!), and often all it takes is putting systems and processes in place to get tasks done more efficiently. Where’s the best place to start? Just ask today’s guest expert.

Kate Erickson is a creator, engager, and implementer at Entrepreneurs On Fire, a daily podcast that interviews today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. She also has a passion for helping entrepreneurs create freedom—both in their businesses and in life—through developing systems and processes that can help their businesses scale and grow. The host of the podcast Kate’s Take and the author of The Fire Path: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Online Business, Kate joins us to share her advice for setting up systems in your business and the tools that help her make the most of her time every day.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why we should all create systems and processes for our businesses.
  • What system just about every business needs.
  • Kate’s top tool recommendations.
  • Where to start when creating systems and processes.
  • What you need in place once you’ve decided to hire a person.
  • How to set up a confidentiality agreement—and the piece a lot of people miss when doing so.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

It feels so amazing when you can look back and remember what it was like to do that thing before you set the system up and how easy it is after. - @katelerickson Click To Tweet Stop wasting time sending the same exact response to people over and over and over again. - @katelerickson Click To Tweet I think the first step to systems is having a really good understanding of how we’re spending our time and what tasks and things we’re doing repetitively. - @katelerickson Click To Tweet

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