Ep 017: Ways to Make Money from a Blog with Katie Hornor

Many people are leveraging the power of blogs to boost their business and bring in some extra money. Some entrepreneurs even make a living from blogging. Katie Hornor, a successful entrepreneur, blogger and speaker, joins us on the show to share her valuable insight into how exactly you can make money from blogging. She outlines a few different ways to leverage your blog as a marketing tool, source of income and as a base for credibility and community building.

Katie discusses the importance of providing value and focusing on what your audience needs and wants rather than just what you want to say or provide. She also gives us an overview of her three step process to earning $1000 per month blogging. Katie has a true passion for making complicated processes more simple and helping people succeed. She shares her vision and the tools she uses to make things less complicated and deliver value that people truly want and pay for.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why a blog is a valuable marketing tool.
  • The 3 step process to make $1000 or more per month with a blog.
  • Tools to use when finding your avatar and purpose for your business.
  • The challenge of figuring out your product and how to offer value to readers.
  • The importance of a short and simple solution.
  • What “Relationship Marketing” is, why it’s important and how you can use it.
  • What the different kinds of affiliate marketing are and how to leverage them.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

A lot of people have this idea that you just kind of write a blog post and put it out there on the internet and it makes money flow into your bank account.. and there is a whole lot more involved. - @Katie_Hornor Click To Tweet A lot of people start blogging because they have something they want to say or they want to share, but you’re not going to make money at it until you can see it from the perspective of, “Who can I help and how will I help them.”. -@Katie_Hornor Click To Tweet True communication is only communication if the listener understands the message. -@Katie_Hornor Click To Tweet

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