Ep 025: Developing Your Brand Story with Christie Bilbrey

Today we’re going to be talking about a skill that I think we all too often overlook: storytelling. More specifically, I’m talking about using stories as the basis for how we communicate with our tribes and potential customers. With so many competitors out there, a great story is the best way to set yourself apart. So what does it take to build a brand story that resonates with your audience? Today’s guest expert is here to tell us.

Christie Bilbrey is a marketing and story strategist who works with business owners to view their stories differently and develop their confidence while sharing their heart, expertise, and journey in well-packaged stories sprinkled throughout their marketing. In essence, she teaches business owners how to turn their personal stories into potent, effective sales tools. In this episode, Christie shares what makes a great brand story, how to build your own and use it to connect with your audience, and so much more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why a story is such a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and other business owners.
  • Advice for overcoming fear and discomfort around injecting your own story into your brand story.
  • The two camps people tend to fall into when it comes to storytelling.
  • How to overcome the fear of sharing imperfections and lessening your credibility.
  • The important elements of a good story.
  • Where to start with crafting a story as an entrepreneur.
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you discover your brand story.
  • Recommendations for becoming a better storyteller.
  • Legal issues you need to think about as you develop your brand story.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The only way that you can truly stand out, and get ahead, and influence, and have a memorable connection is by connecting with someone in who you are in a way that relates to who they are. -@ChristieBilbrey Click To Tweet The fastest way that you can increase that know, like, and trust factor with your audience is to help them get to know your character, your journey, and your credibility in an interesting way. -@ChristieBilbrey Click To Tweet The circumstance of your story isn’t what’s going to make people relate; it’s the struggle. -@ChristieBilbrey Click To Tweet

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