Ep 54: ADA Compliance on Your Website with Bobby Klinck

Today’s show is a legal-themed episode that’s going to dig into a thorny issue that’s become sort of a hot topic lately—and for good reason. The Americans With Disabilities Act (or the ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability, and while a lot of it doesn’t apply to us as online entrepreneurs, there is a part that we need to understand and comply with when it comes to our websites.

Now, as online entrepreneurs, our websites serve as the hubs for our content, so the ADA is something you definitely don’t want to overlook. The problem is, the whole thing can be a little tricky to grasp. So today, I’m going to break down the law into understandable concepts to show you how it applies to our websites and what you need to do to make sure yours is up to ADA standards.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What the ADA is and what it means for your website.
  • Why the law can get tricky for online entrepreneurs.
  • The four categories of guidelines that your website should follow.
  • Each guideline’s “success criterion” from lowest levels up to highest levels of accessibility.
  • How compliance with the ADA can help with SEO.
  • Things to consider about color usage.
  • What to keep in mind about audio on your website.
  • Advice on where to focus your time.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

If you as a business owner are required to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, generally, pretty much everyone agrees your website has to comply, as well. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet At the end of the day, the best practice is to start making sure that your website complies with general standards for accessibility. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet Really, what you have to be thinking about for ADA compliance is making your website perceivable and making it operable. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet

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