Ep 83: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs with Jen Berson

Jennifer Berson is the President and Founder of Jeneration PR, a public relations and social media marketing firm specializing in promoting beauty, baby, and lifestyle brands. Prior to starting her business, Jennifer was a lawyer like myself and practiced civil litigation. Today she joins the show to discuss how to successfully pitch yourself to anyone, such as podcasts or publications.

Listen in to learn why you can’t pitch the same way to all publications, as well as how to position yourself the right way when you reach out to these businesses. Jen will share how a “no” or silent treatment doesn’t mean its the end of your opportunity with a particular publication and offer strategies you can adopt to have your work or brand broadcast to a larger and more brand-specific audience.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to successfully pitch yourself.
  • Mistakes to avoid when pitching yourself to a company.
  • The reason you can’t pitch the same to all publications.
  • How to position yourself the right way when reaching out to these publications.
  • How to figure out where you should want to be.
  • The importance of figuring out your message.
  • The proper way to conduct a follow-up.
  • Jen’s advice for moving your business forward. 

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You’re trying to get them to envision how your story can fit in really well with what they’re already doing.- @JenerationPR Click To Tweet Trust your gut on that feeling you get when you’re listening and consuming that content and you think 'this is where I need to be.'- @JenerationPR Click To Tweet You can not take a “no” or the silent treatment as the end of the road of your opportunity with that publication.- @JenerationPR Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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