Ep 92: Building A Digital Course Business with Amy Porterfield

Today I am very excited to have my friend and mentor, Amy Porterfield, on the show to discuss all things online courses. Amy successfully teaches profitable action steps for creating online courses to business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs—including me! In fact, I have modeled the way I do business after the way Amy does business. She has made millions of dollars just off of her courses, so listen in as she teaches us how she does it.

You’ll hear Amy’s valuable tips on who’s right for a digital course, how to pick the right topic, and more. She also explains what you need to have in place before you create a course, as well as why you should do so. Amy is an incredible teacher and this episode is one you don’t want to miss.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to build a successful online course.
  • Who might be right for a digital course.
  • Four things you have to think about to get to that course creation sweet spot.
  • If courses are merely for people making money in the online space.
  • The importance of list building.
  • Why you have to show up and offer value.
  • Five different types of courses.
  • Why you should create a digital online course business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Everyone who has an online business can create a digital course.- @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet We are looking for people that want efficiency, want to get it done, and want to learn from the expert. That’s why it’s so important that you position yourself as the expert.- @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet The work you do between the launches—showing up, creating content, offering value, connecting, engaging—that’s the most important work you can do in your business. And quite honestly that’s the most fun.- @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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