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Because written agreements are an entrepreneur’s best friend!

You Need To Protect Your Online Business…

…and that means getting the right legal policies and written contracts in place!

Think Contracts & Legal Policies Are Only For Big-Name Entrepreneurs?


The internet is like the wild, wild west of business. It’s more important than ever that you protect yourself—and set yourself up so that you can BECOME one of those big-name entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking your first client or your fiftieth, launching your first course or evergreening a program you’ve been selling for 12 years…you can’t afford NOT to get the legal side of your business set up properly.

The right legal policies and agreements mean.

 You can confidently refuse refund requests when you have to.

Nobody likes refunds. But they’re much easier to navigate when you have a clear policy in place — one that your customers agree to before they hit the “buy” button!

There’ll be no more “he said, she said” with your contractors and employees.

When YOU send the contract, YOU set the terms. So instead of waiting for someone else to send over a contract (which you almost never read, admit it) you proactively set the terms yourself.

You avoid serious legal hassles down the road.

It’s not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “when.” So instead of waiting until you get a threatening letter in the mail, you can arm yourself with the right written agreements and policies so the dreaded letter never comes.

Whether you’re a solopreneur  just getting started or an entrepreneur making six figures, written policies and contracts are your best friends.

A lot online entrepreneurs just want to grab a template or two to take care of a specific legal issue they are facing. If that’s you, this is the place to be. I’ve created template forms for many of the most common issues that you face in your businesses. These templates were created with online entrepreneurs in mind, so they have provisions that are specific to your business. And each template comes with video instructions that walk you through how to customize it for your business.

Grab the form you need!

Protect Your One-On-One Relationships

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